The forest.
Dark, dreary, unwelcoming. 
It feels like home.

I’m running from something in this dark forest.
Something unnerving.

I can’t see where I’m going, through the blanket of night.

Sticks scratch me as I run, 
brittle leaves are crushed beneath each step.

My thoughts pass by me, who’s faster?

I don’t know how this happened.
I can’t remember what triggered it,
I’m lost again.

I can’t stop running. It’s still chasing me...

I see the moon, 
its glimmering light,
so far away.

The sound of the ocean is nearing,
the crashing waves become louder than my steps.
I’m getting close. 

I just want to feel the depth.
Will I find salvation beneath the water’s surface?

Dragging my feet through the sand,
It’s as heavy as my heart.

The waves are crashing.
Are they displeased with me?
They’re so loud. They sound angry.
They sound like, freedom.

Here I stand, knee-deep.

The scent of salt, 
The cold wind,
The emptiness of the night,
A face full of tears.

The forest scares me.
There are monsters in that forest.
I’d like to leave those monsters here.

Please, don’t chase me. 
Don’t make me,