The Heart

Originating as a form of self-expression through a need for an emotional release, MLIU now exists to incite a collective conversation around the concept of What's Real.
Conveying this message through materials, colors, garment design, collections & storylines.


A direct representation of events, moments & experiences, while positive or not, helped mold an individual into who they will become.
A symbol intrinsically tied to one's story; conceives an ideology that only seeks which is meaningful - to share only that which is real.

For thousands of years, it has been well known that the heart is the organ most closely related to the soul. MLIU chose to have our logo designed after the heart in its true, anatomical form instead of the commonly seen & commercialised 'valentines heart'. This is because we believe that the heart not only signifies love, (which is the sole purpose of the valentines heart) but instead the complete spectrum of human emotions.


Chapters or collections are conceptual interpretations of diary writings, events and memories from the life of our founder Maria Liu. While this is MLIU's primary source of inspiration, we also seek to explore the stories from individuals around the world.


MLIU aims to consistently create high-quality garments that are in alignment with our message. MLIU also seeks to create events and hold permanent physical spaces which permeate collectivity and individuality for a specific group of individuals.