by Aidan Encarnacao



What's your favorite color? 

Black and White lol. 


What's your favorite go to recipe? 

Korean Bimbim noodles or kimchi soup.


What self-care habits do you intertwine into your daily routine?

I try to do yoga and give my self a nice facial.


What's your favorite book and what book had the largest impact on you? 

The Patient is my latest favourite and Letters to The Young Poet made the biggest impact on me.


Who can you talk to when you need to get something off your chest?

My bestfriends and my partner.


Where's your safe place? 

Alone in my car or alone in my thoughts.


Have you ever dealt with anxiety? if so, what triggers it & how do you calm your mind?

Yes absolutely. I usually get anxiety when I'm overwhelmed or there are things unfinished. I usually calm myself by taking a second to be alone and compartmentalise my thoughts and feelings, dive into music, art, sometimes painting but I haven't painted in a while.


Have you or someone you love ever been in a dark place? if so what steps were taken to get out? 

Yes of course. I have to thank the people in my life that love me... I have amazing friends and family that were/are there for me and helped me. Self care and self love is the next step. Sometimes all you need is some time to take care of yourself. Mentally and physically. For me, I know I'm hard on myself so I have to remind myself to be nicer to ... me.


Do you think social media affects your mental health or has any negative impacts on you? if so, how do you best deal with it? 

It has and it hasn’t, it has definitely given me anxiety but nothing to the point where it made my life harder. I do have to be careful with it, you can go down a hole and miss out on living life in the real world and not living life through your phone. I noticed that sometimes I'm not as present as I'd like to be, but all I have to do is put down my phone. Social media has to be controlled and I try to keep it that way but it's hard when it's also part of your lifestyle/work.


What's the biggest change you can identify within yourself in the past year?

The biggest change is that I'm discovering myself and diving deeper into who I am as a woman, as an artist and as a mother. This year I can feel the shift within. Where I'm becoming more unapologetically me.


What changes do you want to see within yourself in the coming year? 

I'd like to see myself become more patient, present and grow even more into music and artistry.


What's one of the hardest things you've had to go through in life? how did you get through it? 

Balancing life while being a mother, partner and artist. It's weird, I don’t think its hard cause I love being all of those things, but its definitely crazy to balance it all. It can be hard at times comparing my life to before but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have an amazing support system and I wouldn’t be anywhere I am today with out them.


What advice would you give to your 16- year-old self?

Be confident in who you are. Don't overthink and be afraid of your true self. Do what you love to do and start now, don't let anyone stop you.


What's the most valuable lesson you've learnt?

Life is so much bigger than you.


If you could change one thing within society, what would that be? 

Too many things to name than just one..