by Ahoia Collaborator

What’s your favourite color?
The first thing I thought of was the rainbow, I can’t have a favourite colour when every colour holds its beauty and purpose.
What self-care habits do you intertwine into your daily routine?
Going on walks, reading, meditating and yoga.
What's your favourite book?
The power of now, however I’m currently reading A New Earth and it might be the new winner.
Who can you go to when you need to get something off your chest?
My boyfriend, my mother, my brother or my cats if they listen.
What’s your safe place?
My home, where there is no judgment. I have things to keep me occupied and happy such as my boyfriend, cats, DJ decks, food, Playstation and friends etc.
Have you ever dealt with anxiety? If so, how do you calm your mind?
I deal with anxiety most days, sometimes I find new social spaces stressful, I have learnt this is okay and most people go through it. I don't fight it. I feel it and try my best to work through it and if it's too much I take myself away and focus on my breathing.
Have you ever gotten yourself out of a dark place? Or have you ever needed to help someone else out? If so, how?
It depends on the circumstances really, but I believe staying present, having no judgment, being selfless and trying your best to understand are key parts to helping others. For myself I make sure I retain a balance of being with myself and being with others. It's easy to get trapped in your bedroom and be antisocial which can lead to a spiral and also being co dependant on people can just postpone your underlying issues. Make sure you check in with both sides or yourself..
Do you think social media affects your mental health or has any other negative impacts on you? If so, how do you best deal with it?
I think social media is a curse but also a blessing for our generation. I think we’ve grown up with more pressures to look and act a certain way because we're comparing ourselves to others when scrolling. I think social anxiety very much stems from social media and a lot of people have insecurities because of the social conditioning. However we have access to a platform that can provide information for education, ways to help others in need around the world and staying in contact with loved ones that are too far away to see. If we use it wisely, it can be an even more revolutionary source but it is very hard to do so.
What’s your biggest fear?
Losing the things I love most.
What’s the biggest change you can identify within yourself in the past year?
2020 has been a time of tests, I think the whole world has learnt something about themselves. Lockdown has taught me how to slow down, be with myself and discover what I can do creatively. The biggest change in myself was the black lives matter movement occurring, I don't think I could understand identification more than I am now. I educated myself on racism, the system and my heritage. I had interesting and somewhat uncomfortable conversations with many people, friends and family. This is the most life changing time for me, right now.
What’s one of the hardest things you’ve had to go through in life? How did you get through it?
Supporting my mom through breast cancer, I got through it because she’s a warrior.
What advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?
Be strong, don't feel pressured, and keep on going. Read The Power of Now.
If you could change one thing within society, what would that be?
Systemic Racism, homophobia and homelessness There's so much more as well.